European association for the advancement of archaeology by experiment

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Instructions for contributors

EXAR-Bilanz Instructions for contributors in “Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa”

Attention: The executive committee reserves itself to reject articles. Termination of submitting papers and articles is December 31th each year. The approval of print contains approval for future publications (also digital).

The presented text should not exceed 8 pages (Times New Roman, 12 point, one fold line spacing)  including keywords, a foreign language summary, bibliography, picture credits, German and English illustration signatures and author address. Also not more than 10 pictures can be presented.

The submitted text should be the final version. At the author’s correction only small corrections which don’t cut in the layout are possible. Rearrangement of the text, paste or remove whole sentences or blocks of text are not possible.


  • Manuscripts have to be written in a compatible program or common software; as a rule in Word for Windows, no pdf-files;
  • The text must not contain any formats (e.g. columns), no syllabification, no header or footer, no page numbers and no pictures;
  • Notes in foot and final notes are not possible;
  • Spelling according the guidelines. If in German following the „Reform der deutschen Rechtschreibung“, valid since 01.08.1998 and the modifications 2004 and 2006.
  • The text contains evidences on the pictures and the literature you have used.

The only and complete order of the article consists of:

  • Summary. If the article is written in English, the actual text has to be preceded by a short summary in German. Articles in German has to be preceded by a summary in English. The summary is no longer than 20 lines (DIN A4, Times New Roman 12 point);
  • Keywords (maximum 10 keywords each in German and English);
  • Text;
  • Bibliography (see „Bibliography“);
  • Proofs of illustration (see “Illustrations and tables”);
  • Address of authors (complete);
  • Captions (see “Illustrations and tables”)


It has to be quoted according the so called natural sciences quotation rules; in the ongoing text in brackets – name of author followed by year of publication and page.

  • Several page numbers are separated by semicolon, page numbers at illustrations as well;
  • Sub-numbers at illustrations are placed after a comma after the number of the illustration; several sub-numbers which are not sequenced are separated by a full stop;
  • Remarks should be avoided;
  • Names of authors have to be mentioned only regarding a publication listed in the bibliography;
  • If several works are mentioned, they have to be separated by a semicolon;
  • If several works of one author are mentioned, please write the author’s name in front of each date of publication;
  • Quotations of historic sources stand in quotation marks.

(Müller 1988, 17; Müller 1989, 13-14; Heller 1990, 34; Dietrich 1994, 34, Abb. 1).
(Zimmermann 1989, 18-19, Abb. 3,2-5.9; 4,1-3.7, Taf. 35,2-5; 36,3; 40,2-5.9; 88,3).


At the end of the article a complete list of references has to be made up in alphabetical order according to the following style:

  • Except “Ed.” (for publisher) no abbreviations or short form have to be used; titles of book series and periodicals has to be spelt in full;
  • The literature is listed in following order: surname (comma), first name abbreviated, date of publication (with following colon), complete title (full stop). For periodicals follows the title, number (comma) and year of periodical (comma) and the pages. For book series etc. follows the title of the publication and number of the volume (full stop), the place and year of publication (comma) and the pages (full stop).
  • Several authors or editors are separated by comma; if there are more than three authors or editors only the first will be named. The other names are replaced by u.a. or et al.
  • Only publications which are quoted should find its way to bibliography.

Both, F. 1996: Düna II. Untersuchungen zur Keramik des 1. bis 14. nachchristlichen Jahrhunderts. Materialhefte zur Ur- und Frühgeschichte Niedersachsens Reihe A 24. Hannover 1996.
Fansa, M. 1983: Die Steingeräte aus den Megalithgräbern in Kleinenkneten, Stadt Wildeshausen, Ldkr. Oldenburg. Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Nordwestdeutschland 6, 1983, 1-8.
Genrich, A., Peters, H.-G., Schirnig, H. 1977: Vor- und Frühgeschichte. In: H. Patze (Hrsg.), Geschichte Niedersachsens 1. Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission für Niedersachsen und Bremen 36. Hildesheim 1977, 439-541.

Illustrations and tables

  • Illustrations, diagrams, tables, graphics etcetera can be submitted as JPEG or TIFF data; data name shall include the name of the author and the number of the illustration (for example: WalterFig1.jpg);
  • Pictures must be at least 300 dpi and maximally 600 dpi, outline drawings should be 1200 dpi;
  • Illustrations and text have to be submitted in separate files;
  • Due to cost folded plates will not be produced;
  • Each illustration, table, graphic, etc. has to have a caption which is not longer than 3 lines. The caption has to be in English and German;
  • The caption contains “Fig.”, serial number and the text;
  • On photos of archaeological objects and replicas should be a scale;
  • All captions are to be gathered as an appendix at the end of the text (see “Text”);
  • Illustrations and captions have to be assignable;
  • Illustrations have to be submitted in final form. The editorial team doesn’t make image editing.

Picture credits

  • Statements on copyright, e.g. proofs of illustration are in the responsibility of the author; the author obtains the necessary for the (also future) use of the illustration and bears the costs incurred;
  • Proofs of illustration have to be listed in the text after the bibliographical reference and before the address of the author (see “Text). It includes who made the illustration or from which book it is taken (author, title, year, page, illustration number).


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